The Curse of Knowledge

A cognitive bias, that lets you assume that others know what you know


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Curse of Knowledge:

Curse of knowledge is a Cognitive Bias, where if you have knowledge in any specific field, then mostly, you'll talk with others assuming [not intentionally, but out of ignorance], that person in front of you have an understanding of that field and he can understand what you are talking.


How this relates to you?

I'm sure, you must have encountered a landing page [atleast once] that explains the company's solution in detail, and yet you don’t get it?

Everything goes above your head.

That's because they are cursed by their knowledge.

This can be the case with customer support, marketing, etc.


Learn the language of your User:

  1. Talk to real users.

  2. Involve your users in your product.

  3. Get an understanding of what your user understands.

  4. Grab and use the words your user uses while explaining their pain.

  5. Let the consumer [first time user] use your product and collect feedback on what they felt while using your product.


Interview with Daniel Vassallo:

When Daniel Vassallo quit his job to become an indie hacker, he was making over $500,000 per year. It could have been a disastrous choice. Instead, less than two years later, he's built a suite of products that most founders would envy. In this episode, Courtland discusses how Daniel minimizes risk by running multiple projects simultaneously, how he turns time into a friend instead of an enemy by lowering his costs, and how a lifestyle-first business mindset can make you both richer and happier.

The next issue will bring in Mental Models from this tweet:

It includes mental models followed by Tobi Lutke [CEO of Shopify] to make most of his business and personal decisions.

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